Wine Paring for writers?Countless times, Authors are asked what wine makes an excellent pairing with writing. After all, a master of the craft, Ernest Hemingway, said to write drunk and edit sober. Okay, writing and wine is a pairing rarely explored. So, let’s start. Some robust reds pair well while writing action. I suggest one of Italian Big B wines, Barolo, Brunello & Barbaresco. The flavors of the juicy ripe black and red fruit blended with savory herbs are complex, just what we want in an action scene. A problem for many struggling writers is cost. The Big B wines can be a tad on the pricey side. White wines? And yes, real men also drink white wine. They pair well with the contemplative writing moments. This is the time when a writer steps back from the keyboard, thinking about the next chapter or scene. Is Chardonnay to your taste? I personally lean to the dry whites like that, my fav being a Pinot Grigio. Romance writers may want some sweetness in their pairing. A Riesling or Moscato might serve you well. For the writers who just can’t kick into gear, you might try chugging a bottle of Old Swill…

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