With military-straight backs, guardians of words march back and forth at the tomb of the unknown word. You may have seen it, the tomb that is, not the unknown word. It may be hard to locate . In an area rarely visited, the tomb stands at the gate of a graveyard where words go to die. Words are like people. Words are born, live productive middle years (if they survive adolescence), and fade away in the last chapter of their life. On life support, words are sometimes rescued by crossword puzzles and other word games. In their dotage, however, they…

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Wine Paring for writers?Countless times, Authors are asked what wine makes an excellent pairing with writing. After all, a master of the craft, Ernest Hemingway, said to write drunk and edit sober. Okay, writing and wine is a pairing rarely explored. So, let’s start. Some robust reds pair well while writing action. I suggest one of Italian Big B wines, Barolo, Brunello & Barbaresco. The flavors of the juicy ripe black and red fruit blended with savory herbs are complex, just what we want in an action scene. A problem for many struggling writers is cost. The Big B wines…

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Watch a new season of CSI Grammar

Thrills are in store. Tune in Thursdays at 8 to follow the adventures of fearless investigators. In the pilot for CSI Grammar, the season opens with Episode one: “The case of the dangling participle.” When a comma is found in a coma, they struggle to get to the metaphorical root of the case. Rated “POV,” viewers are warned there are graphic uses of misspelled words. One allegory caused this reviewer to flinch in revulsion. Special agent Mary Allen Semicolon works to solve grammatical crimes. Follow Mary as she leads a team of top grammaralists as they uncover split infinitives and more.…

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