I sometimes wonder, do most writers have a favorite place to write? A time? Should a writing place be free of distractions, soft music playing in the background?

6 am is the sweet time for me. The sun is trying to make an appearance. It’s quiet and soft sounds of jazz make the mood complete.  Sitting at my desk, I have the perfect setting to enjoy my coffee while engaging in all the delaying tactics I can think of. Sharpen pencils, check. Although I haven’t used sharpened pencils in years, if not decades. And I just have to dust and clean the desk.

Organize files, check. Hah, like that will ever happen.

The list of delaying tactics can get quite lengthy.

I doubt if there’s a perfect time or place for writing. Just saying.

If the words are coming it doesn’t matter the time or place. Computer, typewrite or pencil to paper, it’s magic when the character(s) come to life.

Sometimes it helps to change, to get out of my comfort zone.

High Resolution Front Cover_3801544That’s what I decided to do for July and August. Off to Jetty Park campground in Port Canaveral. I can write in an RV just as well as home, right? I was about to find out.

The short answer, yes.

Ah, but the distractions are so much fun, from walking a sandy beach, to watching cruise ships come and go, to witnessing a rocket launch in the wee hours of a morning. Lazy bicycle rides to a waterfront bar, now that’s a distraction even Hemingway might like, apart from the bicycle.

In spite of it all, writing happens.


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