It’s Hard to Beat Free, eh?

Marketing The CleanSweep Conspiracy and breaking through the “noise” of the millions of book titles on Amazon alone is a challenge for the Indie author. Putting myself in a reader’s place, I look for individual authors as well as genre. So, who would pick a book by Chuck Waldron? I tried an experiment. Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP, offers promotion and ad campaigns.

One choice was a free book promotion. Who wants to give inventory away for free? Me, for one.

I ran a free book promotion from June 24th through the 29th. Then, the waiting game to see who might be interested in a free read.

Day 1: 138

Day 2: 82

Day 3: 57

Day 4: 123

Day 5: 31, and still counting

Sure, it ‘d be nice if those were paying customers, but I treasure having 450 new readers, sharing the word about my novels.

If you’re a writer, let me know what your thoughts are about creating exposure for your name recognition.


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