Watch a new season of CSI Grammar

crime sceneThrills are in store. Tune in Thursdays at 8 to follow the adventures of fearless investigators. In the pilot for CSI Grammar, the season opens with Episode one: “The case of the dangling participle.” When a comma is found in a coma, they struggle to get to the metaphorical root of the case. Rated “POV,” viewers are warned there are graphic uses of misspelled words. One allegory caused this reviewer to flinch in revulsion.

Special agent Mary Allen Semicolon works to solve grammatical crimes. Follow Mary as she leads a team of top grammaralists as they uncover split infinitives and more. The CSI Grammer team soon becomes embroiled in a heated debate on the colon versus the semicolon. Later in the show, however, they are able to reconcile verb and tense disagreements.

The show is produced by Alan “Thesaurus” Roget  and directed by Marty “Dictionary” Webster

Note to the Grammar Police: do not bother senting any tickets for mspelling, errs and other mistooks 

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