If you read part one, aren’t intimidated by the sheer volume of competition, and still writing, congratulations. Telling stories is what writers do. Set aside dreams of fame and fortune. Those are byproducts for the lucky few. They’re lucky because they kept writing, improving, writing, improving, writing . . . Well, you get my drift.

Part two was the starting point. “I never metaphor I didn’t like,” said Mardy Grothe. I agree. So, here’s mine for today. Writing is like swimming naked in a crowded pool. It takes madness or courage to strip naked like that. Yet, writers do that metaphorically. Some have the self-confidence to do it. If you don’t, the criticism will be embarrassing.

Part three is about commitment and perseverance.

How many times have I had some tell me they would love to write a book or story, but they don’t have the time.


We make time for the important things. When I hear someone say that, I know they’re wannabe writers. It sounds glamorous to say, “I’m an author.” Hah, the dirty secret is . . .  Drumroll please, time commitment and sweaty work.

Do I mean ignoring family and friends? Do you skip your child’s graduation from kindergarten to write? Am I suggesting giving up vacations and lots of other fun things that enrich our lives? Heck, no to all the above.

If you choose watching reruns of Blue Bloods instead of writing, ask yourself how committed you are to the writing craft. I’m not picking on a TV show. I have most of the show’s dialogue memorized.

But it’s at my peril when I know the Frank Reagan family characters better than the ones in my own writing.

It doesn’t matter if we write in the morning, afternoon or evening. It doesn’t matter whether we use pen and paper or a computer.

Time matters. I speak for myself when I say it’s hard to stay disciplined. When my characters are talking to me, hours pass and I’m still writing. Some days I only have time for a couple of hours chatting with my characters.

But I took Natalie Goldberg’s advice to heart. Every day, I write. If it’s only fifteen minutes, scribbling in a notebook, I write.

Only you can take charge of your writing time. Choose wisely and have fun.


The dynamic author of 4 thrillers, Chuck’s an unapologetic wordsmith, and friends with many fictional characters. He’s the creator of the Matt Tremain thrillers series. You can find out more about his novels at Amazon Author Central as well as his website: www.chuckwaldron.com

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