There should be a place to express opinions, even the ones we don’t agree with. Here’s a place for civilized discussion.

doomsdayHow about one to kickstart? We are bombarded with so called debates these days. Sometimes it seems like there’s a debate du jour. My problem? Calling the televised political circuses debates doesn’t make it so.

So what do you have to say about debating, Merriam-Webster?

Discourse in order to reach conclusions, offering reasons or evidence. How about considering reasons for and against: to give serious and careful thought.

What I see, when I can stomach watching, is a chorus of shouts, waving of arms and eye roll. They wouldn’t be complete without a lot of finger pointing.

Send me your comments on this or any other opinion you would like to share. It will be published unless the language is too offensive and personal attacks are out.

Where’s your letter to the editor?


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