Taliban and Far Right Fundamentalism: It’s hard to tell them apart

Some Interesting headlines and a phone call

“The US far-right has a curious affinity for the Taliban,” The Washington Post in Today’s Worldview. Why curious? The far-right and Taliban both have an affinity for creating a world view based on their religious beliefs.

The Taliban are accused of insisting their idea of Islamic fundamentalism be enforced. No more schools for girls beyond grade six. Women can’t be out of the home without a male escort. Unapproved, if not most, music is forbidden.

In Texas, Christian fundamentalists influenced the state government to now effectively deny access to safe abortions.

In another story, pastors of some churches are deluged with requests to grant religious exemptions to anti-vaxxers.

Oh, I got a phone call yesterday. My ‘elective’ surgery is postponed due to the surge in preventable but unvaccinated patients with Covid-19.

Free will, freedom of speech, freedom to believe in the religion of your choice are excellent concepts.

I want my right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater restored and restore my right to ignore all those irritating red traffic lights.

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